Product Styles

All of our Bella Beams products are available in four distinct product styles: Hand Hewn for a more traditional aesthetic, Barnwood which resembles weathered wood, Contemporary with its clean crisp lines and Roughsawn with a classic resawn texture.

Our artisans know how to enhance the natural beauty of wood with hand-applied, hand-rubbed finishes. This is why we recommend taking advantage of our specially formulated, multi-layered finishing process: while you can hire your own painter or finish the beams yourself, achieving the Bella Beams effect requires a high level of expertise, just the right products and a controlled environment.

We offer 14 factory finishes but also provide a custom color service to complement or contrast with other design elements.

Bella Beams furniture-quality finishes bring out the character of each beam with beautiful hues and highlights. We pride ourselves on expert, hand-rubbed application that results in multidimensional hues.

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