Bella Q&A


Why choose Bella Beams over solid wood beams?

Beams are a highly overlooked opportunity for adding elegance, charm and grace to your home. While many wood beams function only as necessary support structures, man others are purely decorative in nature. Bella Beams is the first company to unleash the remarkable beauty and nobility of decorative wood beams.

Each beam is hand-hewn, hand-carved and hand-finished to bring out the beauty of the grain and a depth of character unmatched in quality or craft.

Wood beams are as unique as the homes in which they appear. While our beams represent a modern advancement in woodworking, they are nonetheless steeped in the Old World traditions of authenticity, integrity and majesty

In addition, Bella Beams are lightweight, easy to install and have been kiln dried to a moisture content of 12% eliminating major twisting and warping. Shrinkage and twisting are particularly noticeable in complex systems with multiple timbers coming together, because when each piece shrinks 1/2” – 3/4”, you can get some very big gaps. Beams drying out, twisting and shrinking can become a large issue for stain finishes, drywall and especially plaster. Bella Beams can be installed without heavy machinery or extra manpower. Most existing homes are not engineered to support the weight of adding solid timbers but a Bella Beam is supported easily on an existing ceiling.


Are Bella Beams more expensive than solid wood beams?

In comparison they are not, when you factor in solid material cost, the cost of having them distressed and sanded, then finished with a multistep furniture grade finish, your costs are often less than using a solid timber. As well you should account for the fact that installation is less expensive and 6 months down the road you have no twisting or warping that will result in costly cracked drywall or plaster repairs.


Are Bella Beams American-made?

Yes. All products are manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona.


What wood do you use to make the beams?

Our standard wood is #2 Knotty Sugar Pine. It has great character and the best dimensions to work with. Because of its size, we are able to use fewer joints when working with this species. If your project requires Alder, Douglas Fir or other species for any reason, we can accommodate you.


How thick are the planks used to construct Bella Beams?

We build with 3/4” planks.


What sizes are available to fit my design?

If it is structurally sound, we can make it as big as you desire. Our largest beam to date measured 2’ wide x 2’6” high x 39 feet long. We can build as small as 4” wide by 4” high by 2’ long. It is possible to produce up to 11” x 11” x 16’ beams without using joints; greater dimensions require additional pieces joined together.


Can Bella Beams be used outside?

We cannot guarantee the long-term quality of Bella Beams in outdoor settings unless they are sheltered from the sun and moisture by a covered loggia or other structure with overhangs.


Can my painter finish Bella Beams themselves?

Yes. However, we strongly recommend taking advantage of our proprietary multi-layer finishing process, which is difficult to replicate even for industry experts, and especially on job sites. By allowing us to pre-finish the wood, you can be assured of furniture-grade quality and reliable color and sheen.


Can Bella Beams match the woodwork in my house?

Yes. We offer 11 factory finishes, but we can accommodate color-matching and custom colors at an additional cost. We require a sample of the woodwork to be matched and a minimum fee of $475 to create a match. Additional charges may apply depending on the complexity of the finishing process, i.e. the labor involved to achieve excellent results.


How do you install Bella Beams?

Typically wood cleats are anchored to the ceiling and Bella Beams are slipped over these cleats and finished nailed in several locations. See the section of our website under Installations for more info and a diagram.


What can you run through a Bella Beam?

Sprinkler systems, speaker wire, ceiling fans, ducting and more can be concealed inside a Bella Beam. Components such as sprinkler covers can also be concealed by matching them to the wood.


How long does it take to complete a project?

Depending on the factory load and project size, we generally require a lead-time of 6-8 weeks.

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